Side effects may include – anal leakage, Alanis Morsette overdose, awkward first kisses, bearhugs, breakups, cardiomyopathy, charitable donations, children, chocolates, Christmas at Mom’s, clitoral stimulation, cuddling, dating, desire to live, divorce, erections, excessive texting, Facebook stalking, first kisses, friendship, funeral attendance, Halloween couple’s costumes, holding hands, in-laws, loss of appetite, loss of bodily fluids, loss of individuality, loss of sense of shame, loss of social life, loss of someone special, loss of virginity, manscaping, marriage, Marvin Gay overdose, monogamy, murder, new year’s kisses, odes, Oedipus complex, organ doning, peace, plastic surgery, rebound sex, relationship goggles, restless sleep, serenades, singing songs of yourself, sonnets, spontaneous overflow of emotion, saturday nights under a blanket, sweaty hands, suicide, thanksgiving at the in-laws, the Beatles, the Beatles breakup, trust, ultimatums, war, weight, weight loss, vasectomy


About mkautz10

I was born and raised in Punta Gorda, FL. My life changed when going into eighth grade I moved to Charlevoix, MI. Four years later, I would move back to Punta Gorda, relax in Indianapolis in a school for three semesters, then finish at the University of Michigan with my Bachelor's; the same spring I graduated I began a Master's program. Now, I teach in Detroit at Medicine and Community Health Academy at Cody. My jobs include teaching 9th grade English, writing curriculum, head of Instructional Leadership Team, creating standardized rubrics and literacy assessments for the school, ACT tutoring, driving students to and from school, developing literacy programs, and other educationally productive things!
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1 Response to Love

  1. Natasha Bain says:

    I don’t even know what to say. It made me smile and giggle at some parts and the cringe at others. Look forward to reading more. 🙂

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